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And are you looking for a Korea Travel Taxi?

Join the friendly KS Taxi.

Ks Taxis

It provides safe taxi services from Incheon Airport to Seoul, Seoul to Incheon Airport, and other parts of Korea.

It is the foreign language taxi service in Seoul. This taxi is for foreigners only.

The taxi drivers at KS Taxi speak English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Taxi tour services in Korea

A tour of the DMZ or a famous tourist destination near Seoul in Korea,
You can experience unique culture such as strawberry farm experience
You can choose your own taxi tour of KS Taxi.

Incheon Airport Taxi

An airport taxi is ideal for larger groups, those with large or extra luggage, or if you don’t have exact directions to your destination. If you need to get to Incheon or Gyeonggi, then a taxi is a great option.



Wi-fi service all vehicles


Charging service for mobile phones available at all vehicles. 


English, Japanese, Chinese language.

City Tour

KyeongBokGung Plalce ~ BukChonHanOk Billage ~ InSaDong ~ CheongGyeCheon Stream ~ GouangJang Market.

Half Day Tour + MyungDong ~ Namsan Mountain ~ War Memor ~ Hongdae ~ Bukak Sky Way.
NaMiSeom Island ~ Boutigue France ~ Italian Billage ~ Garden Of morning Calm ~ Strawberry farm experience.

Ski Tour

Intercontinental Alpensia PyeongChang Resort. DaeMyung Resort Vivald Park. Sono Felice.

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Incheon Airport to Seoul
Seoul to Incheon Airport
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Pickup service from other regions to Incheon International Airport
Taxi Tour of Korea’s Famous Tourist Destinations

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I will give you a detailed guide regarding the Incheon Airport transfer service.

Information on Incheon International Airport Transfer Service

I will give you a detailed guide regarding the Incheon Airport transfer service.


KSTAXI: Incheon Airport Taxi & Jumbo Taxi to Seoul Korea

How can I use the Incheon Airport taxi?

To use the KS taxi at Incheon International Airport, follow these simple steps.
Make a reservation in advance through the website KS Taxi website ( ).

Can I book a taxi at Incheon Airport?

KS taxis can be booked in advance. Please make a reservation by visiting the KS taxi website ( a few days before you arrive at the airport. You can use the taxi service as soon as you arrive at the airport without waiting.
If you have more luggage or more passengers, it’s better to book a taxi.

Is it safe to take a taxi from the airport to the destination?

KS Taxi at Incheon Airport is an official foreign language taxi service in Seoul that prioritizes safety.
It is operated by taxi drivers exclusively for foreigners.
However, always wear your seat belt for your safety, and keep your bags and other luggage safe.

How is the taxi fare determined?

Taxi fares are based on distance and time. You can inquire about the exact taxi fare when making a reservation. Sometimes additional charges may occur.

What arrangements do I need to make to use a taxi?

No special arrangement is required to use KS taxi from Incheon International Airport. After arriving at the airport, you can wait at the airport Gate in time for your reservation.
– Terminal 1 can be waited indoors at Gate 8 on the first floor.
– Terminal 2 can be waited indoors at Gate 1 on the first floor.

What should I be careful about when using a taxi?

Always use a reserved formal taxi for your safety.
Check again if you have any belongings you left behind during your trip.

Can I pay the taxi fare with my credit card?

KS taxi is available for both credit card and cash payment.

Where should I contact if I have any questions when using KS Taxi at Incheon Airport?

If you need help, you can contact us via the KS Taxi website at . You can also make an appointment via WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat or KakaoTalk.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me! 🚖✈ ️

[email protected]